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There's Something About Birthdays....

Random Junk

Today is my birthday.

I LOVE helping my friends and family celebrate their birthdays and making them feel extra special. For my husband? I go ALL OUT. Big back yard barbecues in the middle of June, themes, homemade specialty cupcakes or cakes, the decorations and planning. I throw myself into it. I work myself to the bone to put on a production that will live forever etched in the pickled brains of our friends and family, especially when we tell stories about the jungle juice. 

Yet for some reason, I always dread my own birthday. 

I think part of it has to do with the weather. Every. Single. Year. It is either raining (hello hurricane season in the Mid-Atlantic) or it's ridiculously hot, which I can't stand. 

But alas, birthday's remind us that we've survived one more trip around the sun. I am grateful to be here. I know that for sure.


Funnily enough, this year I was gifted with rain in the morning, followed by oppressive heat and humidity. It was a double whammy of the worst sorts. Mother Nature was determined to put me through the ringer this year for some reason, when all I really wanted for my birthday was a crisp fall day that warranted breaking out one of my beloved hoodies at night. 

Despite the weather though, my husband and best friend put on a hell of a party for me. They made a taco bar (and clearly I am never one to turn down a taco,) invited some of my all time favorite people, made me an epic tequila punch, set up the fire pit out back, and hung a sheet on the fence to screen Hocus Pocus in the yard by the fire.

It was perfect. I had a gathering of my dearest treasures, who kept it low key and left me to bask in the love while the dogs roamed the yard. I am incredibly blessed, and that was just the reminder I needed.

It's been a good weekend, and today has been a good day. Here's to birthdays, friends, family, and making the most out of every stupidly hot or miserably rainy day. 

Oh, and if you're looking for the next clue, you'll have to find the rest of my stories. 


Good luck.

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