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Well, Hello There!

Random Junk

Check back every once in a while for all kinds of shenanigans, but I'll get the ball rolling with a bit about Pen and Inked and myself (Jessie!) as the resident owner, creator, designer, order packer, dog petter, caffeine drinker and obscenity spewer.

I know, I wear a lot of hats. They're neat. 

That's me. ^ In my happiest of happy places, wearing my favorite element of clothing (hoodies are the BEST) toting around an ancient 35mm camera and covered in tattoos. If I had to pick just one photo that best represented me, this would probably be the top choice.  

The low-down on who I am, what Pen and Inked is about, and the meaning of life, (okay, not really the meaning of life) is pretty straight forward. I'm 26, have the best dude in the world supporting me, I'll refer to him as K from here on out, and we have two rescue Australian shepherd mixes that run our lives for us. We live just outside of Washington D.C. in what I lovingly refer to as suburban hell, and we spend the majority of our time either binging Netflix (hello NCIS and Supernatural,) playing video games together, or being snarky because we think it's funny. 

Case in point:

Aside from my home life, there's not too much else to know about me. You can see I've got a lot of tattoos. I'm sure I'll write a blog post on them in the future. I love to cook, I read when I can, art is life, and I sleep a lot. I have chronic illnesses that make my life harder than it needs to be, which is actually what pushed me into the world of sticker making. Being able to run my business from my home office at whatever hours I choose, and being able to sleep away a migraine in the middle of the day, and then make up the hours late that night or on a Sunday afternoon has been an incredible blessing. 

I am forever grateful for my customers who have made this a possibility for me, and that will never change. 

Stay tuned for more! 


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